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100 Random Features - Take 1

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2009, 1:40 PM
I collected 100 random features... I don't make choices so whatever appears is featured because everyone deserves a little attention...

PaintChat - SD Buster Gundam by GuyverC :thumb89367015: PINKITTIES by yayimhalfwaythere Jenny by kateARTstuff Merry Christmas by ask8er Fracture by Nestalgica Tranquility : Transformation by deviant-legends Learning to Hula by greenfairy87 Dream Mask by iLovePhotographyClub Marcas de agua by ELVAna Crazy Kids by crossoutthestars You know. You see
you see
what my reflection doesn't show
what i try to hide
what no one really knows.
you see
deep inside of me
what makes me tick
when others turn and flee
you know
the things i never tell
my secrets and my fears
my ultimate hell
you know
what i hate about me
what makes me feel complete
but also my insecurities
you know
you see
the love i have for you
you're the only one for me
bright by iceconyelo :thumb40412710: Falling Apart
A week ago we were best friends,
thought this relationship would never end.
Made you promise you wouldn't forget me,
I loved you, and I couldn't see.
One week later, you want to forget,
forget all the memories and things you regret.
Like it never happened, like you never cared,
like the memories were non-existant that we shared.
Now I'm missing you and I told you so,
I don't want to let  you go.
But can you trust me? Will you stop lying?
You stopped caring, but you said you're trying.
Miss you with all my heart,
But all that we had is falling apart.
RaVen by SigmaEnigma Nude in the Park by MysticTutor :thumb49438940: When by DARKNIHILISM Firehouse X by semi234-part2  except it isn't long at all by thegodcherry :thumb76136713: 18 by Perfect-World where has my heart gone? by Radlove wheels make the world spin by ismellcheese They Made Me Do It. by SadSpectacle :thumb108502623: wall art by Tenderowicz K.I.T.T by Shadowsmeowmix :thumb40206734: In pot. by Ewelszyn wild yellow flowers by macstang Fall Leaves by EvaGee Kat TRADE by SonkkutheHedgie8880 :thumb6955937: Love hurtsLove infects us all
It infects our hearts
And by that out decisions
But in time
I found out
It destroys your heart
Because they let you go
They let you fall
Fall in a canyon of tears
Because they leave the feeling
Of still loving them
But they don't love you
They don't want you
They'll leave you
After time
How big they love may be
It always ends in tears
Because love hurts deep within
:thumb120339029: :thumb63972816: Crush by Mayalta Blinded by lbrautigam03 Handoff by bellnep Cracked by cheap-delirium :thumb103806236: :thumb28627187: Baby on a Rock by p4intthestars Blizzard 6 by c3d fog by freakygirl1411 shiny exit by eigenart Water Colour- Summer Bubbles by Naki-dono :thumb77424030: Lost Dream 04 by wingedkitten Dance. by kissofcolour :thumb76637662: stock13 by duckyface-stock You gave to me everything by Kyoko-Taide In Peterburg_4 by Anhen Endless Memories Studios by mrseq Two Identities by Nuttygopher my-fave-mug by kimozabbi Autumn by AutumnInAshes 37 Eyes - Misa by Eikyuu-ni-Ai :thumb80330546: scarred by once-keen Light the Way by Moonbeam13 say hi to sunshine by vvan :thumb19281818: three. by christmas Bruit blanc by on-my-lips Naraku. . .heheheheh by TamokoSanjii Talking to Marla by first-class-sinner Miss Clover by Samyukio Killa and Remi by Isari Cumbyvspatches by monterae :thumb45000910: Apple by Cheshire94 :thumb35220639: The new Apple player by Yeehaaa :thumb95094152: muse by Karooooooline Ceramics - thrown cylinders by SophieValentine Innocence by effervescent-alexa Black Rose For My Black Heart by number0005762 :thumb86456617: Akaneeeee by Daisaku-Senpai alice and sam by peehouse Howdy, folks. by SassyJessy Sunsets 07 I by Enllunada BASIC  ANIME EYE TUTORIAL 1 by GuardianSun Nottingham Museum by traveling-Bard Alpha-Letum by Zaeseled ViolatedViolated
The worst feeling in the world
It's almost as if a part of yourself
Is just taken away
Without your consent
Without your approvel
Without even regard to your feelings
Your emotions how it might affect you
or how it might destroy you
So many emotions run through your veins
None of which you can overcome
For fear that the attacker
May harm you further
More severly
More life-threatening
Nothing you do seem sto repulse him
Not crying
Not screaming
Not even hitting
The attacker, or monster as most would say
Keeps attacking
Loving the fear in the eyes of his prey
Eating it up as if its a buffet
He keeps going and going and going
Until finally he stops
He just walks away
Like nothing ever happened
While you, the helpless victim
Can't move
Can't react
Just crys
And hopes that soon someone may find you
And hopefully helps you destroy this monster
Whos so violently took away your dignity
Your confidence
The true you
And replaced it with somon
SuperPippo by mauber91 Gatsu by The70sBoY Kingdom Hearts - Sora by Deathheartjose :thumb58404772: 11-23-04_16 by fotog

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Historia de un Letrero

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 8:29 PM
If you haven't seen this before, you should...

Historia de un Letrero

It's a small video and it will take you no more than 6min to watch completly.

To promote it, just put this in your jornal (remove spaces):

:iconhdul1 ::iconhdul2 ::iconhdul3 ::iconhdul4 ::iconhdul5 :

And you'll get this:


Hope you like it,


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Features - Part II (Update)

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2009, 6:04 PM
It's been some time now. Sorry to have made you wait so much but I still do want to do the biggest fesature of all time... I will try to work on this each day for now on but no promises because I have a very busy life because of the university.

So, here comes the biggest feature of deviants of all kinds! Btw, this update is very special because I just passed the 100 features... :D

So, some time ago, I started a new project, my goal was/is to create the biggest feature of artists of deviantArt and all you have to do to get in is simply to reply in this journal, and you don't need to do anything for me in return. You will get 3 deviations in my journal picked by me!!!

So, you are getting some exposure for free! In my books, that's a win win situation, you get some exposure, you don't need to do nothing and I can create the biggest feature of all time!!!

I already featured 56 deviants (see below) in this journal and now I'm going to feature more!

:iconameliasantos: :iconsaundrinha: :iconnmdelgado: :iconmomentstoremind: :iconi-ahem: :iconjose-garel-alvoeiro: :iconpoisontouch: :iconfirefly16161616: :iconmethodavantgarde: :icongarelito-photos: :iconreddog54: :iconpsamophis: :iconzocafx: :iconacelaexpress2213: :iconkitoky: :iconfree-ride: :icongigicerisier: :iconwildmiguel: :iconosiriseye: :iconstriker612: :icondcleadboot: :iconkjherstin: :iconm14socom: :iconjuno-moon: :iconlipwriting: :iconellenmac: :icondeathtosanity: :iconfablear: :iconjoshuaseven: :iconinnocent-insanity: :iconmegamello: :iconryubaka: :iconyesterday-fairy: :iconwaterlilynl: :iconalwayschanging: :iconloveforruka: :iconrevilis: :iconkc7eph: :iconbroclina: :iconcorneria: :iconackriff: :iconbluenigma2: :iconsorce: :iconpania-of-the-reef: :iconjoyouslight: :iconinjectvibrancy: :icontickity-toc: :iconheavensfallback: :iconjag770: :iconrafey-chan: :iconvin55: :iconhell46: :iconadi-emus: :icondpierce1313: :iconmrscullen: :iconsinantr:

Let's get things going shall we? :aww:

#57 - :iconhugslee13:
Helena by HugsLee13 L' Indication by HugsLee13 The Visitor by HugsLee13

#58 - :iconolessan:

#59 - :iconryser915:
:thumb103469979: Hilltop House by Ryser915 Travis by Ryser915

#60 - :icondrpuffbean:
The Nova Scout Team by DrPuffbean Twilight different. by DrPuffbean Sailor Gemini by DrPuffbean

#61 - :icongelertashel:
Happy Birthday Pocky by gelertashel Stanley - Request by gelertashel Eika - Art Request by gelertashel

#62 - :iconrijolt:
CharRaptor by Rijolt Kateri- Land form by Rijolt Inferno Borealis Dragon by Rijolt

#63 - :icontinuviel88:
:thumb98008495: :thumb88583796: :thumb92836702:

#64 - :iconsharkchel:
Abraham Sapien by Sharkchel Tea? by Sharkchel Beautiful Ardum by Sharkchel

#65 - :iconshicken05:
:thumb98684557: :thumb69400425: :thumb65361957:

#66 - :icon0ooaryannaoo0:
for Mel by 0OoARYANNAoO0 illustrator pear with spear by 0OoARYANNAoO0 illustrator dolphin by 0OoARYANNAoO0

#67 - :icon19hinata19:
:thumb106302988: :thumb97867085: :thumb83440162:

#68 - :iconaurah:
Pirate by Aurah Pearls BandW by Aurah Scatter by Aurah

#69 - :iconundiscovered-shadows:
Rhyme. by Undiscovered-Shadows Fire Practise by Undiscovered-Shadows I'll Come Back To Haunt You by Undiscovered-Shadows

#70 - :iconcompulsiveverbalist:

#71 - :iconkatherinemoon:
Wall of Gackt by Katherinemoon

#72 - :iconrosengeist:
Lay some sugar on me baby by Rosengeist The Phantom by Rosengeist Eda and Georgia, beastie by Rosengeist

#73 - :iconhyperkittikat:
Mocha. by Hyperkittikat Rincewind. by Hyperkittikat Under the red water... by Hyperkittikat

#74 - :icondamions:
Wonder Woman by DamionS Abstract by DamionS Anime looking chick by DamionS

#75 - :iconaddicted-nightmare:
:thumb72439650: :thumb71305081: :thumb71390191:

#76 - :icondroctor-worm:
:thumb95647810: :thumb102957549: :thumb106202298:

#77 - :iconandrewbadger:
Medusa by AndrewBadger Orb Icons v.2 - Mozilla by AndrewBadger Nabulae by AndrewBadger

#78 - :iconfree-slax5:
Rouge req. by Free-slax5 Better by Free-slax5 Trade for Mistress Futoi by Free-slax5

#79 - :iconvonderwall:
With all my heart by vonderwall Courage by vonderwallSunrise mirrored... X by vonderwall

#80 - :iconthecakeisalie03:
Little Washu 'B' by thecakeisalie03 It's a BEAR. Holding a SHARK. by thecakeisalie03 Chowder by thecakeisalie03

#81 - :iconelectro-kat:
:thumb104686416: Bill und Tomi by electro-kat

#82 - :icontrancegirl:
Portrait in the night :TRADE: by TranceGirl Catch me by TranceGirl Im fu---in  fantastic by TranceGirl

#83 - :icontreehousecaity:
Spring Nicht by treehousecaity In Your Arms by treehousecaity TokioHotel Fancomic by treehousecaity

#84 - :iconsonikvisual:
__e7 by SonikVisual Trance is the Answer by SonikVisual bussines paper card by SonikVisual

#85 - :iconmidnightcrystalsage:
:thumb80050133: :thumb107115288::thumb89988999:

#86 - :icongreendolphin:
umbrellas by GreenDolphin Silver Fox by GreenDolphin Icy water by GreenDolphin

#87 - :iconmychemforme:
The Smexy Gee Way by MyChemForMe The Smex God Ray Toro by MyChemForMe The Smexy Mikey Way by MyChemForMe

#88 - :iconkamikazekayti:
:thumb74971755: :thumb90098654: :thumb96246882:

#89 - :iconpuppet-soul:
Don't Be The Bunny by puppet-soul my devil side by puppet-soul PleasSamurai Champloo resubmit by puppet-soul

#90 - :iconbochan:
Beauty and Honour by BoChan Frisky by BoChan Fox for Fairlen by BoChan

#91 - :iconlewiscrook:
:thumb60064663: :thumb102074443: :thumb102640660:

#92 - :iconwhitfiddy:
:thumb93366296: The Pull by whitfiddy :thumb70982749:

#93 - :iconeien-no-hime:
BLEACH I.c.e. by Eien-no-hime ::Take me home:: by Eien-no-hime B L E A C H by Eien-no-hime

#94 - :iconstokrotka-z-dolin:
Tuomas The Shirtless by Stokrotka-z-Dolin Elysium by Stokrotka-z-Dolin Aragorn by Stokrotka-z-Dolin

#95 - :iconsoporcelain:
Kids by SoPorcelain ..I feel you by SoPorcelain Dont afraid of camera by SoPorcelain

#96 - :iconuh-whatsthat:
Inspiration zero by uh-whatsthat Venus in furs by uh-whatsthat Mixed blessings by uh-whatsthat

#97 - :iconsurrenderdammit:
SasuSaku - Fantasi +color+ by surrenderdammit For Molly - Charming by surrenderdammit Nymph of the Sakura tree by surrenderdammit

#98 - :iconartist6:
:thumb106208523: :thumb44349283: :thumb99260832:

#99 - :iconjosukex:
Chibis I owe by josukeX ABE by josukeX SDL - Daisuke Kyouku by josukeX

#100 - :iconstoateh:
Tarka referance by Stoateh Dart reference by Stoateh Name me by Stoateh

#101 - :icontodayyoudie:
:thumb60231695: :thumb63055901: :thumb74860588:

#102 - :iconpumo-torbernite:
Non-Innocent by Pumo-Torbernite Miriam by Pumo-Torbernite My Seduction 4 by Pumo-Torbernite

#103 - :iconjemmeh:
Quack, Bitch. by Jemmeh Julian by Jemmeh Gaia online 6 by Jemmeh

Want to get in? Just say so in the comments! :D

Bye for now!

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Let's make some features! - Updated!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2008, 1:25 AM
Recently, I've been featured in 2 journals here on deviantart and I'm waiting the response of two more deviants...

The rules were/are simple, ameliasantos featured me and to follow the rules, I must feature 10 people back. nmdelgado featured me too, the rules are the same, but I need to feature 17 people!

I want to be different!
I am going to be different! :D

I'm going to create the biggest feature of artists and you can get in simply by replying here, and you don't need to do anything in return. You will get 3 deviations in my journal!!!
So, you are getting some exposure for free! In my books, that's a win win situation, you get some exposure, you don't need to do nothing and I can create the biggest feature of all time!

To start, I'm going to feature the 3 most important people for me here on deviantart and then, let's party!!! :lol:

#1 - :iconameliasantos:
HEBOMOIA GLAUCIPPE by ameliasantos papillon rouge... by ameliasantos Portuguese  typically sidewalk by ameliasantos

#2 - :iconsaundrinha:
Full Metal Alchemist - Addict by saundrinha Hug me pleaaseee by saundrinha First paint... :D by saundrinha

#3 - :iconnmdelgado:
peaceful horizon by nmdelgado Independence o'the Seas II by nmdelgado My little paradise by nmdelgado

#4 - :iconmomentstoremind:
GUGA by momentstoremind Ghost Ship by momentstoremind Beggining by momentstoremind

#5 - :iconi-ahem:
'The Monkey Had Spoken' by i-ahem Hellbeboumba by i-ahem Into Eternity by i-ahem

#6 - :iconjose-garel-alvoeiro:
Clown by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro Yoda by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro Filhotes by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro

#7 - :iconpoisontouch:
Wilson by PoisonTouch :wolverine: by PoisonTouch It be a Draw... by PoisonTouch

#8 - :iconfirefly16161616:  
Kaihen-TRADE by firefly16161616 rage by firefly16161616 lovers by firefly16161616

#9 - :iconmethodavantgarde:
My Kingdom for a donkey by methodAVANTGARDE Aurorae by methodAVANTGARDE Define Riot by methodAVANTGARDE

#10 - :icongarelito-photos:
Costa Vicentina by Garelito-Photos I See The Sea by Garelito-Photos Azenhas do Mar by Garelito-Photos

#11 - :iconreddog54:
:thumb94574847: :thumb100350529: :thumb90044663:

#12 - :iconpsamophis:
:thumb24023695: :thumb101115225: :thumb90367588:

#13 - :iconzocafx:
Misterio by zocafx Space Man by zocafx SING by zocafx

#14 - :iconacelaexpress2213:
:thumb97196955: :thumb101224353: :thumb100769035:

#15 - :iconkitoky:
+HP-DH Spoiler+ A Better World by Kitoky Smallville Wallpaper by Kitoky CoN_Incentive.p02 by Kitoky

#16 - :iconfree-ride:
:thumb93425947: :thumb72500003: :thumb79255198:

#17 - :icongigicerisier:
SasoSaku dark pic2 by Gigicerisier SasoSaku with kids by Gigicerisier My Oasis-SasoSaku by Gigicerisier

#18 - :iconwildmiguel:
Mushu Sprite by Wildmiguel Gorilla W by Wildmiguel Storm Bringer by Wildmiguel

#19 - :iconosiriseye:
Let me fly away... by Osiriseye Ria de Aveiro II by Osiriseye Library... by Osiriseye

#20 - :iconstriker612:
:thumb76095697: :thumb83183675: :thumb91448334:

#21 - :icondcleadboot:
Watercolour Golden Eagle by DCLeadboot Kestrel's fan-attack by DCLeadboot Home of the Rudderbucks by DCLeadboot

#22 - :iconkjherstin:
Wintus Park of Slumber by Kjherstin kelanis by Kjherstin

#23 - :iconm14socom:
soldier by M14SOCOM deffence team by M14SOCOM ARMY RANGERS by M14SOCOM

#24 - :iconjuno-moon:
:thumb89363160: :thumb57531523: -A Walk in the Park- by Juno-Moon

#25 - :iconlipwriting:
Stairway to... by LipWriting Faithlessness by LipWriting Just a Fly By by LipWriting

#26 - :iconellenmac:
I Want More by EllenMac Why Am I Disappearing? by EllenMac Better Clothes.. by EllenMac

#27 - :icondeathtosanity:
Float by deathtosanity Star-ness... by deathtosanity Ruby Wallpaper by deathtosanity

#28 - :iconfablear:
:thumb101979994: :thumb101926934: :thumb101979349:

#29 - :iconjoshuaseven:
:thumb56295207: :thumb78639932: :thumb55945279:

#30 - :iconinnocent-insanity:
Wraeththu - Colurastes by Innocent-Insanity Sasha completed by Innocent-Insanity He bites by Innocent-Insanity

#31 - :iconmegamello:
Dry Flower by megamello Musician's Place by megamello ID_Jun_08 by megamello

#32 - :iconryubaka:
gah by ryubaka Riza sig 2- fullview, please by ryubaka beaver creek view by ryubaka

#33 - :iconyesterday-fairy:
Little Zim by Yesterday-Fairy Get Back Here - IZ by Yesterday-Fairy Tallest Miyuki by Yesterday-Fairy

#34 - :iconwaterlilynl:
Playground Love... by Waterlilynl Paris - Lovers City by Waterlilynl Enjoy_it by Waterlilynl

#35 - :iconalwayschanging:
Paths In The Sky by AlwaysChanging Sunset Colors by AlwaysChanging U Name It - 2nd Edition by AlwaysChanging

#36 - :iconloveforruka:
Invoke Motion by loveforRuka Worlds Apart by loveforRuka Ripple Effect by loveforRuka

#37 - :iconrevilis:
Laken and the Kitty by Revilis Sexy Revi by Revilis Gift to saile-fearn-Camui by Revilis

#38 - :iconkc7eph:
Northbound in to Seattle by kc7eph Over the mountain II by kc7eph Pacific Sunset by kc7eph

#39 - :iconbroclina:
:thumb101978246: :thumb102437270: :thumb101454332:

#40 - :iconcorneria:
:thumb68250530: :thumb95835222: :thumb73057283:

#41 - :iconackriff:
Kookaburra I by Ackriff Love by Ackriff Werrington Lakes by Ackriff

#42 - :iconbluenigma2:
Child Abuse PSA by BluEnigma2 In The Margins Poster by BluEnigma2 Self-Portrait by BluEnigma2

#43 - :iconsorce:
orange.view by sorce stardust by sorce by sorce

#44 - :iconpania-of-the-reef:
Golden by Pania-of-the-Reef Safe Harbour by Pania-of-the-Reef To Port by Pania-of-the-Reef

#45 - :iconjoyouslight:
Demon at your door by JoyousLight

#46 - :iconinjectvibrancy:
Ishmael by InjectVibrancy Falco peregrinus by InjectVibrancy Cat by InjectVibrancy

#47 - :icontickity-toc:
freckles by tickity-toc shh by tickity-toc unlikely friends by tickity-toc

#48 - :iconheavensfallback:
Falling Stars - Project by HeavensFallBack Flaming Rose COLURS by HeavensFallBack 'Cause I'm witchy ID by HeavensFallBack

#49 - :iconjag770:
Turtle by jag770 The Abstract by jag770 Fozzie Bear by jag770

#50 - :iconrafey-chan:

#51 - :iconvin55:
Sorrow by Vin55 Sophie by Vin55 Cat in basket by Vin55

#52 - :iconhell46:
Have a heart of gold by hell46 Beautiful lake by hell46 Fireworks III by hell46

#53 - :iconadi-emus:
:thumb96210013: :thumb100912280: :thumb96007574:

#54 - :icondpierce1313:
Coneflower by dpierce1313 Quiet Time by dpierce1313 Eduardo by dpierce1313

#55 - :iconmrscullen:
Dark hate by MrsCullen Cat eyes by MrsCullen the deep sleep dreaming by MrsCullen

#56 - :iconsinantr:
:thumb101999708: :thumb98452216: :thumb100066521:

Want to get in? Just say so! :D

Bye for now...
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The deviant art wallpaper

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 10:16 PM
Hi to all,:wave:

So, if you are just like me, you like to have good wallpapers to put on your desktop; gorgeous photos, amazing photomanipulations, whatever as long as you link it and it inspires you!
Let me ask you this, where is the best place in the the world to find wallpapers? Exactly! It's here on deviantart! So, let's go and find some of the best deviant art wallpaper!

For some time now, I've been following a great person here on deviantart, it's archanN! He is the wallpaper gallery director and let me tell you that he's been making an awesome job! Every month, he picks the best released wallpapers and compile them into a list and publish it as a news. You can find some here:

People please, go and give archanN some love. As if it wasn't enough, he also compile periodically the "Amazing Wallpaper Features!" news. He keeps compiling and now, we have 105 Amazing Wallpaper Features! I will put some links for you to check out:

He have published more news. To see them all, click [here].
Course, you can search for great deviant art wallpapers using other means. Let's go the old fashion way. I'm opening the "browse on deviantart" on another tab. The direct link to the wallpaper category is [here]. I'm on the All time popular section. My favorites are:
Alpha and Omega 3 by shirosynth Dodge Charger by roobi Pepper Project Wallpaper by PepperProject un.flower.wp by azazyl Earth by N4u2k FISSURE by Nameless-Designer THE FALLS by tigaer Tablefy - Water Lantern by ethe Starlit Night by gucken Eiffel_Tower by phyzer Untouched by gucken SummerDream by antonisfes S.O.S. by gucken

Also, I personnaly compile a collection of wallpapers on my favourites, to check it out, click <a href"…">here . Here on deviantart  you can find the most amazing artists. This article is only a preview of the awesomeness of the </b>deviant art wallpapers</b>. So, If you read it all, please leave me a comment pointing me to some of your favorite wallpapers, collections, wallpapers artists or whatever.
Last part, and very important too (for me at least), I'm going to do a shameless promotion of one of my works:
Classic Wall-Paper by mauro-goncalo

I've shared a little of wallpaper love with you, hope you liked it! I did!



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Wanna be my friend? + list update

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 2:55 AM
friendfeed.png twitter.png
RSS Gallery.png RSS Journal.png

If you want to, please add me on any of this services! :) I'll be adding more services as soon as the bumper stickers are ready! Is there something missing in your opinion? Tell me! ;) Leave a comment!

Like them? Use them! ;)

Bumper sticker to-do list:
  • StumbleUpon
  • Flickr
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Fotolog
  • RSS blogs

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I've been tagged! You could be next!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2008, 2:01 PM
Sometimes ago, my friend nmdelgado tagged me. Now, I have to write 8 facts about Mauro (me :p). So, let's make this quick because I have people to tag too!

  • I am 21 years old now and live in Portugal, but during 12 years I lived in Switzerland.
  • I'm studying to me a physical engineer. I never looked back after choosing my way and I love what I do. Even if I had millions and millions I would still work.
  • I may be a very lazy person, but I'm not the type of watching TV all day and doing nothing with my life.
  • My birth were on a Tuesday!
  • I'm a jack of all trades. Besides my studies I also love everything regarding photography, web design, design, 3d modeling, vector art, logo design, desktop customization and so much more!
  • I tend not to finish what I start, but I'm working on that. :)
  • When I was little, I seated on the back of an elephant. And I have a photo to prove it! (see below)
  • My first internet nickname was luv21. 21 because of my birthday on 21/04 and the luv part, sorry but I don't remember
  • Sorry, I'm going to cheat on this and write another fact :P I don't know how to write/speak English correctly. (Love the dictionaries on firefox)

Now, let me see, I am going to tag the folowing friends of mine:
Kjherstin, ShinotamaTakemuro, Helewidis, The-Iguana, Princess-of-Shadows, c1n3kk, salgada & too-much4you
Now, to the eight lucky one, get to work! Write 8 facts about you and pick 8 people to tag! Have a nice day!

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2008, 10:45 AM
Selo Sandra:heart:Stamp Mauro

The price on my girlfriend's stamp is inverted as you can see. Reason? Laziness... :p
EDIT: Now the price is in the right position :p

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Too funny

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2008, 6:15 PM
I'm sorry but I had to post this...

Still laughing :lol:


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Friend Feed

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2008, 10:53 AM
Now, I've joined another part of the dark side, I now have an account on friendfeed.

Bye! :hug:

Mauro Gonçalo

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 6, 2008, 11:30 AM
I wish life had "ctrl+z" :lol:


Have a good day!


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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 4, 2008, 5:52 AM
So now, I have a Flickr account too. Check me out (click on the image):

Bye! :hug:

Mauro Gonçalo

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2008, 10:53 PM
Yes yes, I've joined the dark side, I now have an account on twitter.

check it right here:

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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2008, 3:41 AM

I've been featured in: :D

Thank you my friends for featuring me!

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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2008, 6:36 AM
When walking on the street, you see a publicity poster with a funny face. You smile. In the same poster, it says "smile moron". So, what are you?

Me? I'm a moron. :D

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Murphy's laws

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2008, 1:38 AM
Hi there :wave:,
This time I'll be quick! if you have time, read some of the Murphy's laws. Some of them are truly amazing/funny but still true.

You can read them [here] in English or [here] in Portuguese.

If you do read some, leave me a comment :)

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B-day!!! :party:

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2008, 4:00 PM

Another one is here, for all of you that didn't know, today is my birthday (21/04) :) I'm 21 years old now :faint:... So, it's a lot of responsibilities for me... not! Let's party! :nana:
Where is my cake by the way?? :hungry:

So, let's get to business B-) , I accept:

  • Money
  • Subscriptions
  • Prints
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Anything with value

Of course I'm kiding, but a little of love would be nice! :thanks:

  Happy Birthday Momo 2 by Kumiko-Art Happy Fucking Birthday by ncisgeek
  Happy Birthday Mum by TysonTan Birthday Wishes. by Endling
  :thumb55060106: happy birthday by ghost28

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  • Reading: Notes about waves (physics)
  • Watching: Pearl Harbor
  • Playing: with my laptop keys
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This is just a small list for you all!

3D Graphics:
3Delight Free -
Anim8or -
Aqsis -
Blender -
gmax -…
Houdini (Free Edition) -…
Maya Personal Learning Ed. -…
Now3D -…
OpenFX - (
Toxic -
Wings 3D -

AntiVir -
Avast -
ClamWin -

Anti Spyware:
Ad-aware -…
Bazooka -…
Diet K -
SpyBot Search & Destroy -
SpywareBlaster -…
SpywareGuard -…

IRC Clients:
BersIRC -
~censored~ -
HydraIRC -
TinyIRC -
XChat -

Audio Players:
1by1 -
Billy -…
CoolPlayer -
Foobar 2000 -
iTunes -
Jet Audio Basic -
Musik -
QCD Player -
Sonique -
Winamp -
XMPlay -

Audio Tools:
Audacity -
CDex -
dBpowerAMP Music Converter -
Encounter 2003 -
GermaniXEncoder -
K-MP3 -
KraMixer -
MP3 Book Helper -
MP3 Tag -
mp3DirectCut -…
MP3Gain -
mp3Trim -
MusicBrainz -
Rarewares -
SoundEngine Free -…
TagScanner -
The GodFather -

CD/DVD Burning:
Burn4Free -
Burnatonce -
CDBurnerXP -
CDR Tools Frontend -
Deepburner -
DVD Decrypter:
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -

Compression / Decompression:
7-zip -
bzip2 -…
FilZip -
IZArc -
QuickZip -
TUGZip -
UltimateZIP -
Zip&Go -
Zipgenius -

Defrag Software:
DIRMS & Buzzsaw -
OpenVMS -…

Desktop Enhancements:
AveDesk -…
CursorXP -…
Kapsules -
MobyDock -
Panorama -
Rainlendar -…
Samurize -
tclock2 -…
Weather Watcher -

Download managers:
Free Download Manager -
Fresh Download -…
Star Downloader -…
wackget -
wget -

Encryption and data security:
Axcrypt -
Blowfish Advanced CS-
Eraser -…
File Shredder -…
GnuPG -
PGP Freeware -…
WindowsCleaner -…

File Managers:
2xExplorer -
A43 -
ExplorerXP - (
Gyula's Navigator -
JExplorer -
MeeSoft Commander -

File repair and recovery:
PC Inspector File Recovery -…

Kerio (Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use) -
Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) -…
Sygate (FREE for personal use) -…
Zonealarm Basic firewall -…

FTP Clients:
Filezilla! -…
miFiles -…
SmartFTP -

FTP Servers:
FileZilla -
Golden FTP Server - (
GuildFTPD -…
Quick 'n Easy FTP Server -…
SlimFTPd -

HTML Editors:
1st page 2000 -
AceHTML -…
Aracnophilia -…
HTML-Kit -
Selida -
Trellian webPAGE -
TSW WebCoder -

Image viewers:
Ahaview -…
Irfanview -
Picasa -…
SlowView -
XNView -

Instant Messenger:
Gaim -
IM2: (
Miranda IM -
Pandion -
Trillian Basic -

Internet Explorer Front-Ends:
Avantbrowser -
Maxthon -
SlimBrowser -…

Mail programs:
Foxmail -
i.Scribe -
Mahogany Mail -
Pegasus Mail -
Thunderbird -…

Anti-spam programs:
K9 -
POPFile -
SpamBayes -

Network Tools:
CMDTime NTP Utility -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
NetMeter -
NetProfiles -
NMap -
Ntop - (
PingPlotter - (
PuTTY -…
RAS Graph & Stats -…
RealVNC -
TightVNC -
UltraVNC -
WinSCP -

Office Suite:
602PC Suite free edition -…
AbiWord - -

Partition Managers:
Partition Resizer -
Ranish Partition Manager -
TestDisk -…

PDF Utilities:
Free PDF -…
Ghostscript/GSView -
PDF 995 -
PDFCreator -…

Photo manipulation and image design:
ColorPic -
Paint .NET -
Pixia -
Pixie -
PhotoFiltre -
Sodiodi -
The Gimp -
Tuxpaint -…

ActivePerl -…
Crimson Editor -
Dev C++ -
Dev Pascal -
Digital Mars C++ -…
Eclipse -
ExamDiff -…
Freepascal -
jEdit -
Notepad++ -…
Notepad2 -
Pelles C -…
PHP Hypertext Parser -
PSPad -
Python -
Ruby -…
SharpDevelop -…

Pop-up Blockers:
Google Toolbar -
NoAds -
PopUp Stopper -…
Privoxy -
Proxomitron -

RSS Readers:
RSSOwl -

System Information and monitoring:
Everest -…
Gkrellm -
Motherboard monitor -…
Sysmetrix - (

Video codecs :
DivX Codec -…
XviD -

Video players :
BsPlayer -
Crystal Player -…
Cygwin MPlayer -…
MaximusDVD -
Media Player Classic -…
VideoLan -

Video tools:
DVD Shrink -
DScaler -
FlasKMPEG - (
GSpot -
VirtualDub -
VirtualDubMod -…
Zwei-Stein Video Editor -…

Web browsers:
Firefox - (
K-Meleon -
Mozilla -
Netscape -…

Web servers:
Abyss -
Apache -
Sambar -
Savant -
SimpleServer:WWW -…
TinyWeb -…

Webcam Software:
booruWebCam -
Pryme -

Checksum Utilities:
fsum -
hksfv -…
md5sum -
md5summer -

General Utilities And Other Applications:
AnalogX -
AppRocket -
Celestia -
CCleaner - (
Cygwin - (
Dirkey -
EditPad Lite -…
HTTrack -
Inno Setup -
Memtest-86 - (
MWSnap -…
NetTime - (
Nullsoft Installer -
Peerguardian -
QuickSFV -…
png2ico -…
Stickies -…
Sysinternals -
Vim - (

Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2008, 2:07 AM

Hi to all:wave:,
This is a little update to feature some special people. ShinotamaTakemuro's contest is over and since I offered features for the three winners, here I am. Since they let me choose the deviations to feature, I will feature the deviations they sent to the contest, this is just for equality


  • First place - c1n3kk (will be featured one month 15.04 - 15.05)
  • ORP Blyskawica by c1n3kk :thumb82091236: Gasping Yellow Spring by c1n3kk :thumb82093699: The Badlands by c1n3kk
  • Second place - KSJaber (will be featured two weeks 15.04 - 29.04)
  • SP comp-Raindrops on My Window by KSJaber SP comp- My Nightmare by KSJaber SP comp- My Mother by KSJaber SP comp- My World Turned Grey by KSJaber SP comp- Bokeh Gone WILD by KSJaber
  • Third place - c-time (will be featured one week 15.04 - 22.04)
  • Apple in love... by c-time Old construction by c-time Sometimes... by c-time .Little.Touch. by c-time They, they have a way by c-time

Want some extra money? I DO!
I you want some extra money and have a little time to spend, the only thing you have to do is click some links and wait 30 seconds and you even don't have to be looking at them for all that time. It will only waste 5 or 6 minutes of your day so I say why not? I'm already in!
The link is:

To finish!
I can be invisible but you don't have to be, if you read me journal even if you don't want to leave me a comment with 'words', leave me at least one smiley to know that you are alive and not invisible like me! Make me happy!

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2008, 5:27 PM

I'm sorry for not being here so much as before, but I have to many work from university... :( I haven't updated my journal from some weeks now neither submitted deviations :'( , but I want to be an engineer and I have to work a lot for it. I want also to say that I can be invisible here but I'm still here :D. I don't participate much but I see all the journals and deviations of my all friends so, don't worry, I will not vanish! :D And... I'm also one of the judges and prize giver of the photo contest hosted by the by friend ShinotamaTakemuro, he is a nice person and photographer, so give him some love! :D Besides all of this, I have others personal projects of course and for me, the days should have at least 48 hours minimum... But that's just me... What do you think about it?

Another update: Maybe soon I'll submit this lovely and fressh CSS journal for the use of all of you my friends but I have some modifications and code cleaning to do first. So be pacient ok?
By the way, if you want some help with your journal, I'll help you, no problem! Simply send me a note or add me on msn!

Want some extra money? I DO!
I you want some extra money and have a little time to spend, the only thing you have to do is click some links and wait 30 seconds and you even don't have to be looking at them for all that time. It will only waste 5 or 6 minutes of your day so I say why not? I'm already in!

The link is:

New computer!
I have a new computer! Some of you know it already, others doesn't, but my first laptop is broken and it's to expensive to fix it. So since I needed it so bad and didn't have much money to spend on it, I bought a new one, but it's not really fancy, very modest, but at least I can work freely on my projects and work! :clap: So, many thank you's :D to the folowind 3 people:

  • My mother:
    ameliasantos for buying my new one
  • My father:
    Fernando because it's is money too :D
  • My girlfriend:
    saundrinha for the support and for letting me use her laptop when I needed the most

Thanks to all!

To finish!
I can be invisible but you don't have to be, if you read me journal even if you don't want to leave me a comment with 'words', leave me at least one smiley to know that you are alive and not invisible like me! Make me happy!

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